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For Targeting Hair Loss

A gentle cleanser packed with AnaGain™, an Organic Pea Sprout extract that is rich in restorative proteins, starch and fibres. These rebalancing phytonutrients combined with caffeine agents stimulate blood circulation to encourage the growth of hair at the root. This advanced formulation strengthens, adds volume, moisturises and protects, making hair more resistant to everyday damage.

Continuous use of the AnaGain™ PROACCELERANT™ regime gives DENSER, THICKER, FULLER HAIR IN 3 MONTHS*.

*Must be used as part of the AnaGain™ PROACCELERANT™ regime

Apply to wet hair. Gently massage into the scalp to create a luxurious lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat process. Follow with SALON SCIENCE® PROACCELERANT™ 2 Conditioner. Towel dry hair and finish with the application of SALON SCIENCE® PROACCELERANT™ 3 Treatment directly to the scalp twice a day.

Customer Reviews

"My hair feels much thicker, almost as good as when I was pregnant! I have lots of new little hairs around the hairline!"

"My hair feels stronger, shinier & there's nowhere near as much hair loss when combing through after washing my hair. I think in time there won't be any hair loss at all!"

“It seemed to reverse hair damage; I now have a head of healthy-looking, healthy-feeling, thick hair."

“Just simply love these 3 products. Wonderful, my confidence is far improved."

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