For Repair and Radiance

A restorative cleanser to instantly repair, strengthen and retexturise lifeless hair that has been stripped by chemical treatments. Formulated with GSP-T which combines Swiss Grape seed procyanidins and natural tocopherol to protect from damage and shield against colour fade. RETEXTULUXE™ Shampoo is for damaged hair that demands intensive nourishment!

Apply to wet hair. Gently massage into the scalp to create a luxurious lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat process. For best results, follow with SALON SCIENCE® RETEXTULUXE™ Conditioner.

For ultimate repair and radiance, towel dry hair and finish with SALON SCIENCE® RECORRECT™ Leave In Treatment at least twice a week.

Customer Reviews

"I've noticed after 3 weeks of use that my hair doesn't break as easily when brushing it."

"Shampoo smells lovely. Makes my hair feel nice after shampooing, doesn't give my hair that dry feel like some shampoos do."

“Gorgeous smell, lovely lather, left hair soft and colour didn't fade."

“My hair colour definitely stayed for longer."

Dr Bernhard Irrgang Head of Research & Development for SALON SCIENCE®
“Extensive lab testing immediately revealed the power of our nourishing formulation to instantly repair, correct and protect damaged hair exposed to chemical and environmental stress."

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