For Repair and Radiance

REPROTECTANT™ Thermal Crème contains GSP-T, a powerful antioxidant complex that binds to the hair's surface for advanced protection. This protective, conditioning spray prevents damage caused by heated appliances whilst using vitamin E antioxidants and state-of-the-art UV filter systems for protection against daily environmental stress. The sophisticated formulation contains super antioxidants to help prevent against colour fade, leaving hair ultra-radiant.

Suitable for dry or towel dried hair. Spray REPROTECTANT™ Thermal Crème onto towel dried hair and blow dry. Follow by spritzing each section of dry hair again before styling with heated appliances or exposing your hair to environmental stress.

Customer Reviews

“I found I was using my hair straighteners less when I was using the product."

“It left my hair feeling softer and more nourished, I also loved the smell and the natural ingredients."

“Luxurious, fabulous, lush, I want to buy some more! I know I have only used it once, but I don't want to run out."

Dr Bernhard Irrgang Head of Research & Development for SALON SCIENCE®

“Extensive lab testing immediately revealed the power of our nourishing formulation to instantly repair, correct and protect damaged hair exposed to chemical and environmental stress."

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