HYDRASOOTHE™ Cooling Spray

For Hydration and Scalp Relief

HYDRASOOTHE™ Cooling Spray provides instant relief to soothe itchy, irritated scalps, whilst giving a refreshing boost to the hair!

Containing the ultra-refined elixir of a rare Organic Cactus, the HYDRASOOTHE™ Cooling Spray shields hair and scalp against environmental stress and helps prevent further irritation. Also formulated with additional soothing and moisturising actives aloe and panthenol to refresh and provide instant relief to a dehydrated scalp and parched hair to help solve scalp problems.

Apply to damp or dry hair. To soothe the scalp, section hair and spritz HYDRASOOTHE™ directly on to it. To rehydrate hair, mist over from root to tip. For instant relief and moisture, HYDRASOOTHE™ can be used throughout the day as often as required.

Customer Reviews

"It was incredible, my scalp was left feeling refreshed and relieved!"

"A very soothing treatment, and best of all, doesn't leave your hair or scalp greasy."

Dr Bernhard Irrgang - Head of Research & Development for SALON SCIENCE®

“Our studies have revealed AquaCacteen as a remarkable multi-functioning ingredient."

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