HYDRALUXE™ Conditioner

For Hydration and Scalp Relief

A soothing and hydrating conditioner formulated to target dry and distressed scalps, whilst clearing away the build-up of impurities. Infused with an extract of a rare organic cactus, AquaCacteen contains powerful water-binding properties to soothe and hydrate irritated itchy scalps. HYDRALUXE™ Conditioner promotes a visibly clear scalp and radiant hair, helping with scalp problems.

After cleansing hair with SALON SCIENCE® HYDRALUXE™ Shampoo, smooth HYDRALUXE™ Conditioner throughout hair and leave on for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

For intensive hydration, use SALON SCIENCE® HYDRASORB™ Masque once a week or as often as required in between shampooing and conditioning.

Customer Reviews

"The conditioner is just perfect - you need a tiny amount, as it spreads quickly and easily through hair and it leaves your hair feeling moisturised and soft without being weighed down."

"I applied Salon Science AquaCacteen Hydraluxe Conditioner after the Shampoo within the same range. Both products were effective at eliminating my dandruff after just one application."

Dr Bernhard Irrgang - Head of Research & Development for SALON SCIENCE®

“Our studies have revealed AquaCacteen as a remarkable multi-functioning ingredient."

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