CELLUCOVERY™ Scalp Tonic Treatment
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For Anti-Ageing and Restored Volume

A weightless and volumising scalp treatment containing the stem cells of a rare Swiss Apple, PhytoCelltec™ Malus Domestica. CELLUCOVERY™ Scalp Tonic Treatment uses a concentrated amount of cellular plant properties to protect the longevity of hair cells. The science works to stimulate, nourish and rejuvenate hair follicles resulting in stronger, thicker, healthier hair in 8 weeks.

Apply to dry or partly dried hair. Use one full pipette directly on and around the scalp by gently squeezing the rubber bulb to dispense the drops. Massage into the scalp to help stimulate micro-circulation. Do not rinse out. Style as normal.

Use once a day for 8 weeks and continue use for long-lasting results.

For best results use with SALON SCIENCE® CELLULUXE™ Shampoo and Conditioner.

Customer Reviews

“Like it immensely. Hair is full of body... I love big hair and this gave me big hair! Hair also felt soft. Normally volume products make the hair feel wiry but my hair felt soft and touchable after use of the treatment."

“My hairdresser said my scalp looked much better and my hair had grown more than usual."

“Really loved using this product and it has not only improved the look and feel of my hair, but has given me renewed confidence too."

Dr Bernhard Irrgang Head of Research & Development for SALON SCIENCE®

“Our research in Plant Stem Cell Technology has shown that Malus Domestica Swiss Apple stem cells help to nurture and activate hair cells from the root for stronger, healthier and younger looking hair."

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